Un plan para leer noticas en español

Aliens created Spanish conjugation…es verdardero


An example Anki deck


  1. Aggregating news —a crawler visits news websites and collects news articles automatically.
  2. Processing the texts— the aggregated articles are parsed and tokenized.
  3. Finding interesting words — each article typically contains 400~600 words. The script finds interesting words from each article by filtering out uninteresting words.
  4. Exporting to Anki —the results are packaged to an Anki format.

Aggregating news

  • requests — A Python package that handles HTTP request
  • Beautiful Soup — A Python package for parsing HTML and XML data

Processing the texts

Finding interesting words

  1. Cognates filter
  2. Stop words filter
  3. Term Frequency–Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) filter
  1. Use Google translate API to get English translations of Spanish tokens.
  2. Compute normalized Jaro-Winkler similarities between Spanish and English words using Python package ‘textdistance.’
    - I settled on normalized Jaro-Winkler similarity after reading few technical blogs. If I had more time, I would have built a custom cognate classifier.
    - Accents characters (á) have different ASCII representations than non-accented counterparts (a). Thus, accented characters need to be de-accented first.
  3. Spanish tokens that are sufficiently similar (95% percentile in normalized Jaro-Winkler similarity or higher) to English words are filtered out.

Exporting to Anki

Lesson Learned

  1. Completeness > Perfection: I found myself going back and forth with my architecture because I wanted to write a ‘perfect’ script. I quickly realize I wasn’t progressing as fast as I had planned. I had to embrace imperfections and shortcomings to complete the project in time. A working script with many flaws is infinitely better than an incomplete script with a nice plan.
  2. It is cheaper to buy (sometimes): Me being super cheap, I spent a lot of time looking for a free alternative to Google Translate API. But I was not able to find anything satisfactory. It is literally much cheaper to pay for a nice service than wasting multiple hours looking for a non-existing alternative.
  3. Engineering matters. I built a prototype script on Jupyter Notebook in few hours, but there was a lot of more engineering work than I had anticipated: Google API integration, Google service account and authentication, Google credentials management, saving/loading intermediate results, DB choice and schema, and many more. As a result, I am buying $GOOG stocks.
  4. Side projects are essential. I was joyful to learn and to create something new.




A curious person who would like to observe the world

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A Curious Can of Warmth

A Curious Can of Warmth

A curious person who would like to observe the world

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